May 24, 2024

Who will win the MPL Ph Season 13 Championship?

Who will win the MPL Ph Season 13 Championship?

The MPL Philippines Season 13 is currently in a two week break following the close of the regular season. Now with this in mind we will try to look at the teams favored in the taking the championship this season from the lowest ranked to the highest ranked teams.

6th Seed Minana/Evos

This seasons playoff rookies, Minana/Evos on their 3rd season, the white tigers were showing flashes of brilliance the entire season but the teams seems to be having consistency in the game play. They still have not stitched together a game which showcases their full potential. In the regular season they either will have a great start, middle or end game, but they have not showcased their game in an entire series.

Chances of winning the championship: 10%

5th Seed Blacklist International

Blacklist international, the code breakers are a highly decorated team, this is one of their most inconsistent season as a team in MPL. Many counted them out that they will not make it to the playoffs. But on the last week of Season 13 they managed to get thru. Now it is totally a different story. In the playoffs Blacklist leans upon their experiences as a team to pull off miracle wins when the chips are down. Make no mistake that no matter what happened in the regular season the code breakers are here to win.

Chances of winning: 40%

4th Seed Onic Philippines

Onic Philippines, their roster this year has been called a super team. The Kelra and KingKong tandem is firing on all cylinders also the the rest of the team is stepping up. When the team is playing on point they are nigh unstoppable. But are the teams figuring out they key in defeating the team? They were on a 7 game win streak when they were stopped. and after that their aura of invincibility was off. But on thing is for sure, this super team has their eyes on the prize and are not going to settle for anything less.

Chances of winning: 50%

3rd Seed RSG Philippines

The streak busters, the show stoppers RSG Slate is the team who has stopped teams on a win streak. The team lead by their enigmatic coach Panda, they are a force this season and has been stepping up to the plate. They have fought the top team toe to toe, they have come up victorious they have also lost. Now is this the time for the former kings of SEA to return to the promise land? is this the time where RSG wins it all and once again represent the country in the international stage.

Chances of winning: 50%

2nd Seed Echo Philippines

After a tumultuous MPL Philippines Season 12, Echo Philippines is now back to form. The M4 World Champions is now poised to once again get back to the promised land. Their season 23 campaign is not as successful as their other seasons if we are looking at the standards they have set for themselves. The Orcas are now looking to hunt for the championship it has been more than a year since they stepped up to the plate and compete in the global scene. Will this year be the year that they return to the global stage.

Chances of winning: 50%

1st Seed AP Bren Esports

AP Bren, the reigning, defending M5 World Champions. After the very successful 2023 world tour where AP Bren has won every major MLBB esports tournament here is, what is there left to say? The bees started like a house on fire almost going undefeated for the entirety of the first round of the regular season. AP Bren has the poise, discipline and the experience to pull this off. Being the top seed in season 13 has more than solidified their claim as the top dogs of the MPL PH Season 13. But the questions remain if  AP Bren can hold off potential challengers and prove that they are still the best team in the world?

Chances of winning: 70%

We can’t wait for the play off to start and get things going. The road to MCS 2024 in Riyadh is just starting. Now we need to see who will be the representatives of the HIGHEST LEVEL MPL in the world will be.

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