June 22, 2024


Pre-Registration Is Now Available
Invitational Season 2 Details Unveiled

May 16, 2024 – Honor of Kings’ developer TiMi Studio Group and publisher Level Infinite have confirmed that the game will continue to roll out globally on June 20. Players from North America, Europe, Japan, the Philippines, and other regions will be able to join those where the game has already launched to experience the excitement of fierce team-based battles in the most well-known mobile MOBA in the world.

To see what awaits players on June 20, please check out the Honor of Kings pre-registration trailer:


Players can pre-register for the global launch as of right now, and as they collaborate, they can claim a number of incentives for reaching different milestones. Honor of kings continues these in-game incentives, which will launch users onto a stellar start on June 20, include a free hero, in-game currency, and more. More incentives will become available the more pre-registrations there are!

  • Free Hero – Ying – & Associated Skin: Awarded to all who pre-register
  • Level 1 Milestone Unlocked: 500 Diamonds
  • Level 2 Milestone Unlocked: 2000 Arcana Fragments
  • Level 3 Milestone Unlocked: 5000 Starstones
  • Level 4 Milestone Unlocked: All Heroes Free Trial Pass x 20

Head to honorofkings.com/pre-register

It only takes a minute to register!

Furthermore, starting on May 31, all pre-registered players as well as those in nations and areas where Honor of Kings has already debuted are eligible to participate in a fortunate draw event and stand a chance to win the following rewards:

  • Grand Prize – Full Hero with full Skin privileges
  • 1st Prize – 500 Limited Time Tokens
  • 2nd Prize – 18,888 Starstones
  • Sunshine Blessing Prize – 200 Diamonds for all participants

Honor of Kings has stuck to a fundamental tenet from its launch: that a player’s success is based on skill and strategy rather than financial means. The game is free to play and fair to win. This has contributed to Honor of Kings’ ability to sustain a strong community and solidify its status as the most played mobile MOBA in the globe, coupled with its excellent production values, varied roster of Heroes, and localized content.

Esports News: Season 2 Invitational

Beginning on June 29, Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, will be the center of attention as it hosts the Invitational S2. Along with the winner of the Open Series Split One, teams from Southeast Asia, Brazil, Turkey, MENA, LATAM, and Europe will compete in the tournament for a chance to compete in the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason, which will take place during the Esports World Cup in Riyadh this summer, and a share of the $300,000 USD prize pot.

Head to the Honor of Kings Esports website for the latest details!


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