June 22, 2024

AP BREN Teams up with Team Falcons

AP BREN Teams up with Team Falcon

AP Bren the current reigning Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M5 World Champion just announced their partnership with Saudi Arabia based esports organization Team Falcon. According to AP Bren the partnership is to strengthen their MLBB Pro team not just for EWC but also for other Major tournament happening this year.

The Philippines based AP Bren has partnered with Team Falcon in enhancing the development of their esports team. This partnership will also give AP Bren a different perspective coming from a major esports team like Team Falcon, which is based in a different region. The partnership will be providing each side with their expertise and have developed initiatives moving forwards.

Will this partnership be a game changer in the local esports scene? According to AP Bren that this is a sign that the talent and skills of Filipino Esports athletes are finally being recognized on the global esports stage by major esports teams. The Partnership of AP Bren and Team Falcon will have different initiatives during the course of the partnership.

According to Jab Escutin, Team Falcons approached AP Bren. “I just made sure that we are aligned in values and goals as an esports team. Also, that this will be mutually beneficial to both our teams and the communities we serve.” Also “So far MLBB is the focus because of EWC. Pero we can discuss other initiatives after EWC.” .

Things are just getting exciting, just as the playoffs of the MPL Philippines Season 13 is just around the corner. This is a developing story we will be providing an update soon.

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