May 24, 2024

Smart Omega Empress books ticket to MWI

Smart Omega Empress books ticket to MWI.

The Road to the MWI Philippines came down to the last 2 teams Smart Omega Empress and TNCZ4FE. The top two teams in the Philippines’ Mobile Legends Bang Bang Scene is now ready to duke it our. This time it is for a ticket to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to compete for the biggest prize in all of Women’s esports.

The 5 game series will either be a classic match for Women’s MLBB in the country or it could be a 3 game sweep. That is where the excitement lies in esports.

Game 1 A sign of Domination

The first game Smart Omega Empress burst into the land of with the intention to finish of TNZ4FE early. The SEA Games Silver medalist showed their class and experience.  They were diving into team fights confidently and with no hesitations. They were playing their game picking their team fights and pushing the lanes. They were also playing the macro game. They were on a different level. Is thins a sign that Smart Omega will bum rush their opponents?

Game 2 The Dominance Continues?

The Second game started a little different with TNCZ4FE came out stronger. They were playing their game and the Smart Omega Empress were at a loss on what to do. TNCZ4FE were playing the game they wanted. But it was the Smart Omega Empress who took both of the turtles and built up their gold lead. The early established lead gave Smart Omega Empress the item advantage and with the item advantage comes the damage advantage. The last pivotal team fight where the discipline and experience of Smart Omega Empress showed. They were able to take out 4 members of TNCZ4FE. Game 2 goes to the Empress.

Game 3 Booking the ticket to Riyadh 

The third game come to bare. Will TNCZ4FE fight another day or will Smart Omega Empress close the match our and get their championship. TNCZ4FE were showing signs of spunk and they were trying their best to play their game. Unfortunately the the experience gap is very wide. Smart Omega Empress has answers to every challenge that TNCZ4FE. Ending the match just a little 14  minutes into the final game.

Smart Omega Empress now becomes the official representatives for the MWI 2024. The SEA Games Silver medalist is now gearing up to represent the country on the world stage. The Amazing journey is now complete for the Road to MWI 2024 in the Philippines.

Now begins the journey to MWI tournament itself.

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