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Valorant Philippines Power Rankings

Valorant Philippines Power Rankings

Now that the Valorant Philippines Challengers Series has finished the first stage, this begs the questions who are the top teams in the country. Here are not the Valorant Philippines Power Rankings. The power ranking is based on the tournaments so far for 2021.


The big surprise here is the rise of Empire Esports and Dream Fyre making it toe the Semis. The top team is still no surprise, Bren Esports is still the top dogs. They are still dominating the local scene and they deserve to be on top. The ranking are still in constant flux as the season is just starting. The other teams are just gearing up and adjusting their teams. Hopefully in a couple of months or maybe next month’s power ranking will be different.

We need to acknowledge the teams that made the top as on the completion of the first Valorant Philippines Challengers Series leg. It is not easy to fight you way thru a bracket of talented teams and advance to the playoffs. This Valorant Philippines Power Rankings will be updated monthly. This will give us a clear picture of the local Valorant competitive scene.

There are still a lot of the usual suspects that has not made it to the Power Rankings. But as the 2021 tournament scene moves along we definitely know that they will make it onto the list.

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