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Valorant Cross Over Battle Pass Event

Valorant Cross Over Battle Pass Event

Ok Valorant release their latest Cinematic for episode 5, “Shattered” which gives us our first look at Omega earth. For those keen eyed fans out there you might have seen something very interesting in the comic book shop

The Crossover Event Pass was developed as a method for players to honor the Pearl new map and the growth of our universe’s narrative. We wanted to provide gamers a means to recall what it was like when VALORANT first visited the mirrorverse. A comic book store is mentioned in the Episode 5 cinematic, “Shattered,” and it may also be located on Pearl. We enlisted the help of industry giants like Jim Lee and a wide range of artists to design gorgeous Player Cards with comic book themes, giving each one personality.

Let us see what the people behind Valorant Cross Over Battle Pass Event has to say in the interview they gave.

What were your goals when designing the Comic Book covers?

“The primary goal was to create a few key visuals to support the story, which was very much inspired by the PEARL map itself. Players don’t know too much about the Omega side of this conflict, but it would be easy to assume they’re the “bad guys” based on what we’ve seen so far. What better way to flip that expectation than to throw Alpha into a room literally filled with heroic images of the other side? When we realized these covers could also be featured in the social campaign, as Battlepass content, and even on PEARL itself—we knew there was a bigger opportunity and reached out to industry folks with a good amount of diversity both in their backgrounds as well as aesthetics. If you’re into comics, you’re excited to see people like Belén Ortega in this world, and if not, you still get some badass art to take with you.” Mike Berry, Video Director

“We were super excited to make the most use of the location in the cinematic in the most exciting and authentic way possible. Using real, established comics creators to do the art for the store not only made sense but let us embrace our fandom as well.” Shannon Eric Denton, Narrative Writer

What did you take inspiration from / any notable concepts you wanted to convey with Comic Book covers?

MIKE BERRY: We threw out a couple fun ideas, but as long as the final set featured a nice variety in both subject and tone (and included a few characters that haven’t gotten a lot of cinematic love just yet) we let the artists tell us what inspired them. It’s really a tribute to the character team that almost every artist honed in on different Agents. The one exception might be Jim Lee who we specifically had in mind for a team origin cover. He’s just so damn good at them.

SHANNON ERIC DENTON: Absolutely! Each of these creators are working on some of the top tier comics out there right now so we really took a ton of inspiration from them and the paths they’ve forged in their own careers. As for what we wanted to convey, just that the VALORANT universe is a big one and we’re only getting started!

Any unexpected challenges or novelty stories you’d like to share when designing the Comic Book covers?

MIKE BERRY: I think the biggest challenge was being responsible! Every artist we talked to was either really excited by or already familiar with VALORANT and the world we’re building. Knowing the cinematic itself could only prominently feature a couple we had to work with marketing and game teams to make sure each piece would have a home and we weren’t just creating this cool art that no one would ever get to see.

SHANNON ERIC DENTON: Challenges were few, as everyone we were working with is a pro. It was fun with our own teams when folks started getting word of who was involved and their fandom kept adding fuel to the fire we were building. This project has been a blast.

Anything else you would like to share with our players?

MIKE BERRY: With “SHATTERED” we’re laying the last couple bricks into the foundation of the IP that started with “DUELISTS” a couple years ago but there are so many directions we could explore from this point forward. It’s really the theory-crafting and community passion that keeps it moving. I’m looking forward to building this thing together (and probably killing Cypher a few more times before we’re through).

SHANNON ERIC DENTON: Just that we’re in a fun golden age where you can play a video game of your favorite characters and see a comic cover with them in it and more. It’s a great time to be a fan.

Key Features

Event Pass

  • Free
  • 7 levels
  • Spans for 3 weeks, from June 22 (2:00 PM PT) to July 13 (2:00 PM PT)


  • 2 Titles (“Dimensional” and “Double Agent”)
  • 3 Player Cards (Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion)
  • 2 Radianite Levels (20 RadP total)

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