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Valorant Chamber to be Nerfed in Patch 5.12

Valorant Chamber to be Nerfed in Patch 5.12

Chamber has been the top go to agent in Valorant for a while now. Riot Games will be implementing a variety of adjustments in Patch 5.12 to address these issues. By dramatically reducing Chamber’s zone of influence and increasing counterplay for opponents, we hope to further define Chamber as a precision-focused Sentinel who risks his life to hold territory.

Headhunter (Q)

  • Updated Stability Curve
    • Spread increased after 2nd bullet, when spamming. This is explicitly meant to reduce low-precision body-shot spam as an effective combat measure.

Rendezvous (E)

  • Chamber now places a single anchor that can be teleported to while inside its range
    • Radius increased 7.5m >>> 13m
  • Removed teleport activation height restriction
    • You can teleport to the Anchor while on different verticality so long as you are within its radius.
  • Increased weapon equip time after teleporting 0.4s >>> 0.7s
    • Headhunter is unaffected by this change
  • Destroying Rendezvous teleport anchor now disables it for the remainder of the round, instead of being placed on a cooldown.
  • Chamber no longer incurs an additional cooldown when recalling his Anchor after teleporting.

Trademark (C)

  • The trap is now range restricted
    • Trademark will disable when Chamber moves out of range, and reactivate once he is inside.
  • Can now be recalled mid-round
    • Does not require line of sight
  • 30s cooldown on recall
    • Destruction remains permanent
  • Initial Arm Time increased 2s >> 4s
  • Health Increased 1 >> 20

Tour De Force (X)

  • Fire rate decreased by 57.5%


  • This applies to both Trademark and Tour De Force
    • Reduced duration 6s >> 4s

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