May 24, 2024

Unlock the Thrills of ‘MOONLIGHT BLADE M’ with HAKKEN

Unlock the Thrills of ‘MOONLIGHT BLADE M’ with HAKKEN: Global Debut Single ‘SWORD DANCE’ Available May 15!

Be ready for HAKKEN, the well-known influencer with millions of followers, to take over Southeast Asia as the local face of the much-awaited mobile game phenomenon, “MOONLIGHT BLADE M”! As you prepare for this historic partnership, don’t miss HAKKEN’s explosive new song, “SWORD DANCE,” which will be available everywhere on major streaming services on May 15!

Embark on an Epic Journey with ‘MOONLIGHT BLADE M’

MOONLIGHT BLADE M is booming in China, Korea, and everywhere else it has been unleashed. It was based on the highly respected chinese martial arts novel “The Magic Blade”, authored by the late Gu Long. This game for mobile devices can be so addictive that you will see its name all over the download charts and more than just that because the creators are making money off other industries like music, fashion and tourism as well. In spite of that, MOONLIGHT BLADE M is still attracting attention worldwide due to partnerships with famous performers such as Michael Wong; Dimash Qudaibergen; Taeyeon!

HAKKEN: The Epitome of Versatility and Talent

In a very innovative manner, VNGGames is planning to move ahead and bring the thrill of “MOONLIGHT BLADE M’’ to South East Asian gamers through HAKKEN. The game has been highly celebrated for its massive followership as well as extraordinary singing power that has seen it partner with HAKKEN as the regional ambassador and performer of the theme song, in what represents a game changer in their career. This cooperation further heightens expectations about the release of the game within this region, thus promising a gaming experience that is like no other before!

A Musical Masterpiece: “SWORD DANCE”

Malaysian music prodigy Gaston Pong, and Roland Lim produced HAKKEN’s introductory single “SWORD DANCE” would be the next big thing in the music industry. These two iconic players from the industry’s have merged to bring their local sounds into the international stage to exhibit how much they both are talented and professionals. The video features stunning visuals that were shot in collaboration with “SWORD DANCE”, a game. It is a pulsating journey of HAKKEN’s commitment and love for what they do, captured through this music video.

Experience the Magic on May 15th!

Unlock the Thrills of HAKKEN’s “SWORD DANCE” and the thrilling “MOONLIGHT BLADE M” mobile game make their premiere across South East Asia on May 15th, be sure to mark it on your calendars! Fans can look forward to the release of an in-game mount featuring HAKKEN’s iconic letter “H” in honor of this historic collaboration, which will greatly improve their gaming experiences.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

For the latest updates on HAKKEN’s debut single, “SWORD DANCE,” and the release of “MOONLIGHT BLADE M,” be sure to follow the official channels below. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with music, adventure, and endless excitement!



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