May 24, 2024

Smart Omega Empress Dominates Onic/Zol Esports

Smart Omega Empress Dominates Onic/Zol Esports

History has been made, the first full coverage face to face women’s tournament of Mobile legends has come to pass. Smart Omega Empress faced off against Onic/Zol Esports faced off in the first round of the single elimination Road to MWI tournament in the Philippines. Smart Omega Empress dominates Onic/Zol Esports with a 2-0 sweep in their best of three match.

Game 1 a 30 minute free for all. 

The first game of the match was a classic and is well deserved to be put in the annals of history. It was Onic/Zol Esports who threw the first punch and had control of the early game. Smart Omega bought time until their power spikes. They played methodical and the long game. Slowly they came back winning key objectives and team fights, until they turn the tide. During the start of late game phase when they we all geared up, Smart Omega Empress started to make their move. The slowly and methodically crept towards the base of Onic/Zol Esports. Their base was eventually stripped of their inhibitor turrets just right for the picking. Then on the last push, Smart Omega Empress made sure that they take down the base and with it the getting the first victory of the match.

Game 2 a Critical Mistake

The second match pretty much started the same way as the first game. Onic/Zol Esports. They were in firm control of the early to mid game. Until on crucial team fight brought about their down fall.  The team fight happened around the lord pit and it was a clean sweep all five members of the team were taken out. This lead to Smart Omega Empress marching down and taking down the base for the second time.

This led to Smart Omega Empress winning the match 2-0 advancing to the next round of the playoffs.

Post Match Interviews:

More of face to face Jitters than their actual opponents

During the post match interviews with ONIC/Zol Esports it was asked if they were nervous against their opponents or the face to face tournaments. The girls ultimately agreed that it was more of the face to face which gave them issues. The girls then jokingly said it was the interviews that are getting them more nervous. The girls also admitted that their lack of experience in face to face tournaments was their downfall. So what’s next for Onic/Zol Esports? they are now looking forward to their participation in the Snap Dragon MLBB tournament.

Experience wins the day

Smart Omega Empress’ post match interview went exactly the opposite. The girls answered the media questions articulately and with confidence. They also cited their experience in the last SEA Games as a big help for them being able to play in front of a large crowd. When pressed to ask if they think they are ready to take on the MDL or the MPL the girls answered that they are, given enough time to prepare they can be ready to take on all comers.

Smart Omega Empress now advances to the finals and will be waiting for their next opponent.

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