May 24, 2024

TNCZ4FE Books Ticket to Road to MWI Finals

TNCZ4FE Books Ticket to Road to MWI Finals

TNCZ4FE has booked their appointment with history as the dominated SMFE 2-0 in their semi-finals match in the Road to MWI Philippines MLBB Tournament. The team dominated the match from the get go.

Game 1 Experience is the Difference

Game one was dominated by TNCZ4FE from the get go. They were winning the every team battle and neutral objective. The were blitzing SMFE. SMFE was doing their best to buy time until they get their power spike. But alas TNCZ4FE did not let their opponents get a foot hold in the game. They were on top of everything that SMFE was trying to do in the match. The match showed the difference in the experience.

Game 2 A repeat of Game 1?

Game 2 is much of the same. TNCZ4FE was once again on the front foot. They were bum rushing SMFE and was again flexing their experience on the young team. SMFE was once again searching for answers to TNCZ4FE. The girls of SMFE were trying to maneuver and get objectives but still TNCZ4FE were there to counter their moves. Once again after all is said and done TNCZ4FE showed their experience.

Post Match Press Conference

SMFE Grace in Defeat

During the SMFE post game press conference. the girl exuded an very cheerful aura. They are the only team in the final 4 not backed by a big esports organization. The atmosphere was really different it was like they won. When the team introduced themselves and they were from different parts of the country and that they were just formed three week ago. The team also said that they were happy that they were able to reach the semi finals. They also said that it was a great honor for them to be able to play a match where the MPL teams play and to be broadcasted over the internet. They are now looking forward to other tournaments and growing better and together as a team.

TNCZ4FE Humble in Victory

TNCZ4FE leaned on their experience in their victory.  TNCZ4FE books ticket to face Smart Omega Empress in the finals of the ROAD to MWI. In the press conference they said that excited to face the empress in the finals. They also said that they were happy to be able to play where the MPL match were being played.


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