May 24, 2024

Returns of the Kings of APAC Valorant Paper Rex Beats Gen G

Returns of the Kings of APAC Valorant Paper Rex Beats Gen G

A script can never be written better. The match between the current APAC Valorant kings, Gen G, and the past APAC kings, Paper Rex, was more akin to a heavy weight prize fight.

The match went down to the wire as both teams were dogged and relentless. Both punish mistakes and capitalize on opportunities that their opponents were giving them. This was a face off worth of the finals hype and build up. But in the end there can only be one. but let’s not get a head of ourselves and let’s dive into what happened in their 5 round match.

Map Picking

Paper Rex had an advantage in the map-picking process due to the fact that had won the upper bracket Finals. The squad immediately prohibited Ascent and Breeze. The squad selected Lotus as their first choice, a map in which they excel. Gen G’s first pick was Sunset. paper Rex followed up with their second pick which was Icebox. Gen G picked Bind as their second pick leaving Split as the decider map.

The stage is ready the maps were picked now it time to go head to head.

Map 1 Lotus

Paper Rex Picked the map lotus for the first map of the match. They were banking on their experience and skill to pull off the first deciding map of the finals. As expected paper rex stormed out of the gate getting the first 4 rounds. Gen G fought back and took the next four rounds trying it up. Both teams took alternate rounds en route to a 6-6 tie at half time.

The second half was a different  story with Gen G securing the first 5 rounds as the attacker.  Paper Rex were able to get two consecutive rounds, but the momentum of Gen G was too much to handle and the round eventually finished 13-9. It was Gen G’s t3xture who was leading the Korean team’s first game win breaking serve and leading 1-0.

Map 2 Sunset

Map 2 started out with Gen G winning the first 2 rounds. Things were looking a little bleak for Paper Rex for a moment. Paper Rex then fought back in their first gun round lead by Jinggg and never looked backing taking 7 consecutive rounds. The first half finished 7-5 in favor of Paper Rex .

The early in the second half Gen G was able to equalize the score after winning first 2 rounds. Paper Rex fought back winning the next 2 rounds. Then the teams alternated the next 3 rounds. Then Paper Rex Lead by Jinggg closed out the map by winning the next 3 rounds. Paper Rex also took the map chosen by Gen G.

Map 3 Icebox

The next map was Icebox, d4v4l, something and forsaken lead Paper Rex. Their excellent plays and impeccable timing  led to team again leading 7-5 after the first half.

The second half was a nip and tuck affair with t3xture and Lakia leading Gen G to try to comeback. But Paper Rex held their nerve and delivered a clutch performance winning the round 13-11 and is on the hill needing only one more map to clinch the championship.

Map 4 Bind

Gen G on the brink of losing the championship now enters the last map they chose, Bind. The first half was a half filled with streaks and brilliant plays, Paper Rex won 2 games, Gen G won 2 games, Paper Rex went on a 4 match win streak. Gen G went on a four round win streak. The first half finished in a 6-6 deadlock.

The Second half was a little bit different. Gen G won 2 straight games and then paper Rex won 3 straight to take the lead. But Gen G had different plans. The team took the next 5 rounds, holding serve and forcing a sudden death death game 5.

Map 5 Split

Game 5 sudden death. It does not get any better than this. The first half of the final map showed clean execution of Gen G. Paper Rex were a bit erratic. It was Gen G carrying their momentum from the previous round. They finished the half leading Paper Rex 7-5.

The second half Paper Rex showed Gen G why they were the Kings of APAC Valorant. In the second half Paper Rex won 8 of the next 9 rounds. Finishing of Gen G and returning as the Kings of APAC Valorant. The Kings are dead long Live the new Kings.

With the win Paper Rex together with Gen G and T1 got enough points to qualify for Masters Shanghai.


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