December 7, 2023

Things are heating up in MPL Season 9 Week 6

Things are heating up in MPL Season 9 Week 6

Echo Esports suffered a major upset last MPL Week 5 when they got swept by bottom team BREN Esports. This is the second loss of Echo in the season their first loss happening last Week 4. Will they be able to bounce back and get back to their winning ways?

On the other hand, TNC has been every contender’s favorite with their quietness. Their focus is sharply on scoring and winning every game. Even Blacklist International Coach Bon Chan believes that Ben “Benthings” Maglaque is the new Allan “Lusty” Castromayor, Jr. Will “Team Mabait” continue to soar higher and be successful in getting rid of TNC in the way?
Day 1, March 25, 2022
18:00-20:00 – RSG vs Bren Esports
20:00-22:00 – Blacklist International vs Nexplay EVOS
Day 2, March 26, 2022
16:00-18:00 – TNC vs ECHO
18:00-20:00 – Onic vs Bren Esports
20:00-22:00 – Smart Omega vs RSG
Day 3, March 27, 2022
18:00-20:00 – Blacklist International vs ECHO
20:00-22:00 – Nexplay EVOS vs Bren Esports
Don’t miss the 6th week of MPL-PH and catch all the excitement in the following official channels:
We will be watching this week to see what exciting events unfold.


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