July 15, 2024

Team Liquid PH Reigns Supreme: Secures Knockout Stage Berth at MSC 2024

The MPL Season 13 Philippines champions, Team Liquid PH (TLPh), have cemented their dominance in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024, securing a well-deserved spot in the knockout stage. After a series of impressive victories, TLPh emerged as the victor of Group C, showcasing their strategic prowess and exceptional teamwork.

TLPh Crushes Team Spirit

Their journey to the knockout stage began with a decisive 2-0 victory against Team Spirit. Game 1 saw TLPh asserting complete control, showcasing their signature aggressive playstyle. Their calculated objective control and coordinated teamfights left Team Spirit with no room for maneuver, leading to a dominant win for the Filipino squad.

Sanford’s Backdoor Brilliance Secures Elimination

The second game against Team Spirit was a nail-biter, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Despite facing a determined opponent, TLPh’s strategic flexibility shone through. With the game hanging in the balance, veteran player Sanford executed a masterful backdoor play, securing victory and eliminating Team Spirit from the tournament.

HomeBois Fall Victim to TLPh’s Domination

TLPh’s momentum continued as they faced HomeBois of Malaysia in their final group stage match. Their dominance was undeniable. They replicated their aggressive strategy, coupled with superior hero pool selection and rotations, to dismantle HomeBois’ defenses.

A 2-0 Sweep Clinches Group Victory

HomeBois struggled to find their footing as TLPh meticulously shut down their every move. The Filipino squad closed out the match with a decisive win, securing a clean 2-0 sweep and ultimately claiming the top spot in Group C .

A Look Ahead: High Hopes for the Philippines

TLPh’s successful run in the group stage has ignited excitement among Filipino fans. Their strategic adaptability, unwavering teamwork, and individual player brilliance have solidified them as a formidable force in the tournament.

As they advance to the knockout stage, TLPh will face even tougher competition. However, their impressive performance thus far serves as a testament to their potential. Filipino fans around the world will be eagerly cheering them on as they strive for the ultimate glory – the MSC 2024 championship title.

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