July 15, 2024

MSC 2024 Kicks Off with Dominant Wins for PH Powerhouses

MSC 2024 Kicks Off with Dominant Wins for PH Powerhouses

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024, a prestigious global tournament held within the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, roared to life on July 7th. Filipino fans erupted in cheers as both Falcons AP BREN (FCAP) and Team Liquid Philippines (TLPh) secured convincing 2-0 victories in their opening matches.

FCAP Soars High Against XYG

The reigning M5 World Champions, FCAP, showcased their dominance in their first Group D encounter against China’s XYG. The opening match saw FCAP assert control through a crowd-control-focused strategy. Despite a brief scare in the fifth minute where XYG secured a favorable trade, FCAP quickly bounced back, capitalizing on crucial pick-offs to dismantle the Chinese squad. As the game progressed, FCAP’s superior teamfight coordination and objective control shone through, securing a decisive first-game victory.

Game 2 showcased a different approach from both teams. XYG attempted to counter FCAP’s aggression with a more defensive strategy. However, FCAP’s adaptability proved too much to handle. With a calculated playstyle and relentless pressure, FCAP slowly chipped away at XYG’s base, eventually securing victory and a 2-0 series sweep.

TLPh Crushes Twisted Minds

TLPh, the MPL Philippines Season 13 champions, also displayed their prowess in their Group C opener against Twisted Minds from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. TLPh dominated the early game of the first match, effectively utilizing decisive team fights and neutral objective plays. This aggressive strategy yielded significant map control and objective advantages, leading to a comfortable first-game win for TLPh.

The second game unfolded similarly, with TLPh dictating the pace. Their superior hero pool and rotations proved too much for Twisted Minds to handle. TLPh closed out the match decisively, sealing a clean 2-0 series sweep and a strong start to their MSC 2024 campaign.

A Promising Start for the Philippines

These dominant wins from FCAP and TLPh are a positive sign for the Philippines’ campaign in the MSC 2024. Both teams displayed excellent team synergy, strategic prowess, and a clear understanding of the current meta. With both teams aiming for the championship title, Filipino fans have a lot to be excited about as the tournament progresses.

Eyes on the Prize

TLPh will face Team Spirit from Europe and HomeBois from Malaysia¬† today July 5 while FCAP will face off against North America’s Cloud9 Esports and Myanmar’s Falcon Esports on July 7th. Their victories set a strong foundation for their advancement to the knockout stage, scheduled for July 10th to 13th. As the competition intensifies, Filipino fans around the world will be cheering for FCAP and TLPh to bring home the MSC 2024 championship trophy and solidify the Philippines’ position as a dominant force in the global Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene.

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