July 15, 2024

MSC Releases Statement regarding SRG and SYS Debacle in MSC 2024

MSC Releases Statement regarding SRG and SYS Debacle in MSC 2024

The MSC Committee has concluded its investigation into a drafting phase controversy during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024. The incident involved See You Soon (SYS) and Selangor Red Giants (SRG) in their Group Stage match on July 3rd (Day 1).

SYS Claimed Bug, Restart Denied After Review

During Game 1’s draft, SYS flagged a bug, stating they unintentionally picked Lapu-Lapu instead of Edith. Initially, the MSC Committee allowed a restart based on a rule regarding erroneous hero picks. However, a thorough review – including video, audio, and data logs – revealed inconsistencies in SYS’s claim.

Evidence Points to Human Error

The investigation found that Edith was initially available for selection. In the final moments, SYS opted for Yu Zhong but Lapu-Lapu was accidentally confirmed due to an incomplete selection process. This constitutes human error, not a bug.

SYS Fined and Forfeits Match for Misconduct

Despite the evidence, SYS maintained their false claim throughout the investigation, violating the MSC’s Misconduct Penalty. Consequently, they face the following penalties:

  • USD $1,000 fine (already imposed)
  • Forfeiture of Match 1 vs. SRG (awarding points to SRG)
  • USD $1,000 additional fine

Coaching Staff Suspended for 4 Matches

SYS’s coaching staff, Sam “PARAGON” Sophanny and Chhim “CatGod” Vitou, also face repercussions for their role in the incident. They are suspended for 4 MSC 2024 matches, barring them from attending the venue during SYS’s remaining games.

Upholding Competitive Integrity

The MSC Committee emphasizes its commitment to fair play and professionalism in the tournament. This ruling aims to deter similar occurrences and safeguard the competitive integrity of the prestigious MSC 2024.

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