July 15, 2024

The Juggernauts of Indonesia Have Fallen

The Juggernauts of Indonesia Have Fallen Evos Glory and Fnatic Onic Fails to Advance to knock out stage of MSC 2024

Riyadh Saudi Arabia – July 6, 2024 will be marked as a sad day in Indonesian MLBB History. Fnatic Onic Indonesia, the last bastion of hope in the ongoing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MSC 2024 has bowed out of the tournament. This is unheard of as one of the powerhouse nations of MLBB has bowed out for the first time in the history of organized international MLBB tournament.


Fnatic Onic day started our with a match with See You Soon (SYS), SYS was severely at a disadvantage. The champions of MPL Kh was severely sanction with the drafting incident with their match against Selangor Red Giants.

Fnatic Onic was heavily favored to win their head to head match. With out their coaching staff who has been banned for 4 match starting with their match vs Fnatic Onic. Their backs against the wall the Khmer team fought like a cornered tiger and with out their coaching staff it was MPTheKing who was taking the lead in their drafting.

The match started, the unthinkable happened playing with their tournament lives on the line, the Owls took it to the FNOC the defending champions. The team did not take a step wrong in the first game. FNOC was playing not to loose instead of playing to win. FNOC had no answer to the challenges that SYS was throwing at them. FNOC eventually succumbed to the pressure dropping game 1.

Game 2 started out the same way, the Owls were no relenting on the pressure, they now have their tournament destiny in their hands. FNOC was playing nervous once again. They were pushed by the owls from the get go. Again FNOC did not have an answer to the the owls aggression. FNOC’s bad day is just starting.

The final match of the day a win or go home match between SRG the MPL MY Champion. Once again FNOC was again heavily favored. FNOC had to sweep SRG to force a three way tie to advance to knock out round. The first game once again FNOC was playing on edge and it seems that they are not comfortable with the current patch and the game’s meta. SRG was similar to what SYS was doing they were forcing the issue and FNOC simply had no answer to what was happening. SRG too game one in slightly dominant fashion.

Since FNOC lost game one they were effectively eliminated from the tournament. The last hope of MPL ID was extinguished and a lot of hearts were broken. Was the Indonesian Meta now broken? This is the first time in MSC or even in M Series History. The Juggernauts of Indonesia now has fallen.

The result of the second game was now moot. FNOC took game 2 ending their campaign on a win.

During the press conference Coach Yeb said that that the patch was not as big factor as it was balanced. The team simply lost and they were not better team this tournament. Since the next tournament series is starting soon they will need to re-evaluate on how they can improve.

A sad day for Indonesian MLBB.

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