May 24, 2024

RSG Ph Closes MPLI Day 1 with a Sweep

RSG Ph Closes MPLI Day 1 with a Sweep.

The last Filipino team who stepped up to the stage was RSG Ph the 3rd Place team on the MPL Philippines Season 12. The team was ready stepped up to the plate.

The first match out of the gates the Raiders were up against the giants of the MPL Indonesia, RRQ. The start of the match was close. It was nip and tuck during the laning phase. RRQ was living up to their billing taking the advantage on the early game. But the Raiders kept their composure and took their time and slowly took the advantage. The gold lead was slowly pivoting i the Filipino’s favor. The team fights were swinging in their way. RRQ was slowly loosing ground and turrets. RSH Ph was pushing the advantage and taking ground and limiting the resources of RRQ.

The Second match was much easier than the first match. See you Soon was out classed from the start. RSG Ph was clearing the lanes with easy and invading the their opponents jungle and taking resources and buffs aways from Soon. RSG Ph was pushing and applying pressure to claim the early objectives and team fights coming up on top. By the mid game the raiders were clearly ahead on both level and gold. The teams was aiming for the jugular and was poised to end the game early. RSG Ph closed in on the enemy crystal and tower locked their opponents,

RSG Ph Closes the MPLI 2023 with a sweep landing in the first place of their group.

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