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Pros and Cons of being a girl gamer

Pros and Cons of being a girl gamer

As a girl who is addicted to gaming, I deeply know and feel some of the pros and cons of being a girl gamer. Online games are such a popular genre especially in this century, almost all of us enjoys gaming. The advantages of being a gamer girl is that many people or I should say gamers want to play with you, hence getting carried by some of them as well. I am telling you guys, getting carried is such a nice feeling, that feeling that you are safe to do anything you want without any consequences, isn’t a feeling like that so uplifting to experience? it’s like you’re a kid not giving a care in the world because someone is taking care of it for you. It might feel wrong because you are making it difficult for that other person who Is there for you but don’t worry, I know you are doing your absolute best to help that person! Nothing is more fun that giving your best in a game without exhibiting toxic behaviors!

The other advantages are that female gamers are gifted with good game items; I have experienced this before and I super appreciated it! But I am not really a gift type of person so just by giving me gifts won’t mean that you’re at my good side already, I really enjoy spending quality time with others! The last advantage that I can think of is that girl gamers tend to gain more followers in/on their social media accounts especially when they promote theirs in the game they are playing at.

Now, let’s get to the disadvantages of being a girl gamer. I have a gamer friend who is constantly receiving flirty and/or really cheesy sentences by boys, I remember how annoyed she was every time she talks to me about it. Don’t get me wrong, I receive that too but I mostly just laugh it off or ignore it. The next disadvantage is that when a girl gamer plays really well like god mode bro! Other gamers tend to doubt her gender, calling her fake or asking her that if she is really a girl or just a boy using a voice changer. I received this A LOT, your Loli God is strong! But I do not get offended by this because I view it as a compliment, imagine hardcore gamers thinking that you’re a boy because of how good you are the game! This also shows how much they underestimate gamer girls. Everyone experiences bad games; everyone plays badly at first which is why you should never give up in improving!

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