April 14, 2024

Path of Exile Development Update Livestream – March 2024: A Summary

Path of Exile Development Update Livestream – March 2024: A Summary

This livestream from Grinding Gear Games dives into upcoming content for Path of Exile, including Path of Exile 2 and the new Path of Exile: Necropolis league for Path of Exile 1.

Path of Exile 2

  • Focus on Revamped Classes: The presentation showcases a revamped Ranger class, highlighting its high agility and new skillset.
  • New Skill Gems and Support Gems: The Ranger utilizes various skill and support gems to create custom combos for mobility, damage, and crowd control. These include:
    • Movement Skills: Skills allowing the Ranger to move while attacking (e.g., Lightning Arrow) and vaulting around the battlefield (e.g., Frost Escape).
    • Damage Skills: Skills focusing on single-target damage (e.g., Snipe) and area-of-effect damage (e.g., Lightning Arrow, Rain of Arrows).
    • Support Gems: Gems modifying existing skills (e.g., Multiple Projectiles, Faster Projectiles, Chain) to enhance their effects (e.g., increasing number of projectiles, applying shock to enemies).
    • Utility Skills: Skills for slowing enemies (e.g., Electrocuting Rod, Frozen Nexus) and poisoning them (e.g., Vine Arrow, Poison Bloom Arrow, Gas Cloud Arrow).
    • Charge Skills: Skills granting temporary buffs (e.g., Barrage triggering triple attacks).

Path of Exile: Necropolis

  • New League Mechanic: Lantern of Arimor: Players use this lantern to manipulate monster difficulty and rewards.
    • Spirits: Monsters become haunted by spirits, increasing their danger and potential rewards. The lantern reveals details about these spirits, allowing players to strategically choose which monsters get tougher mods.
    • Devotion: Occasionally, monsters become “Devoted” instead of haunted, granting benefits like increased experience or spawning the Nameless Seer, a unique item vendor.
  • Undead Collection and Crafting:

    • Unresolved Anguish: Slain monsters with unresolved anguish can be taken to the Undertaker and stored in his morgue.
    • Cemetery Crafting: Players “bury” these corpses in the cemetery, influencing the crafting outcomes of new items.
      • Each corpse has crafting effects that influence the resulting item.
      • Burying multiple corpses with synergistic effects can create powerful items.
      • Meta-crafting modifiers further enhance the crafting process.
  • Unique Items and League-Specific Rewards:
    • Burying the corpses of specific Eternal Empire families together grants unique items specific to their lineage.
    • Players can influence the rolls of unique items like “The Perandus Pact” by using the crafting system.
  • Embers of the Allflame: These are monster spirits trapped in an artifact. Players can release them by defeating them and even raise them as specters.
  • Map Manipulation: Players can manipulate endgame maps using the Lantern on the map device UI, replacing existing monster packs with different ones found as Embers.

Additional Notes

  • The full stream includes a Ranger gameplay demonstration and a trailer for Path of Exile: Necropolis.
  • The Necropolis league allows players to customize difficulty and rewards to a greater extent than ever before.
  • The stream also briefly mentions upcoming supporter packs and a Q&A session.

Path of Exile Development is ongoing an we can’t wait for it to be ready.

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