April 15, 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gears Up for Chinese Domination

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gears Up for Chinese Domination with Pre-Season Invitational!

China Joins the Fray!

The 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational has officially launched today, and will be held till 31 March. The competition is divided into two stages.
After completing the two stages, the top-ranked teams will advance to the Esports World Cup (EWC) China Qualification Tournament, which is in conjunction with the Mid-Season Cup (MSC).
Eight Powerhouses Compete for Glory:

This exciting tournament features eight top-tier Chinese esports teams: JDG, KBG, LL, MYG, NOVA, XYG, MXG, and MAX. Battling it out in two stages, these teams vie for the chance to represent China on the global stage.

Esports World Cup Aspirations:

The top performers from the Pre-Season Invitational will advance to the Esports World Cup (EWC) China Qualification Tournament, which is held alongside the Mid-Season Cup (MSC). This is a crucial step in China’s quest for EWC glory!

Building a Robust Ecosystem:

Mike Chu, Head of MOONTON Games China, highlights the importance of this launch: “We are committed to creating a stable competition system for domestic clubs, offering professional training for players, and delivering the highest level of competition content.”

Empowering Chinese Esports:

Chu further emphasizes their commitment to fostering Chinese esports: “We aim to provide opportunities for both grassroots and established players, showcasing Chinese esports potential to the global stage. Additionally, we aim to introduce a new mobile MOBA track for esports clubs, collaborating with partners across 50+ regions to bolster global opportunities for our domestic partners.”

Esports Teams Embrace the Challenge:

Leading esports organizations are excited to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. NOVA Esports, champions of the first-ever Chinese MLBB tournament, is ready to make its mark. Li Tingting, CEO of NOVA Esports, states, “We are optimistic about the global esports ecosystem of MLBB CN. Participating in the Pre-Season Invitational is a stepping stone towards our long-term goal of winning all related tournaments. Our immediate focus is securing a direct slot in the EWC and representing China on the global stage!”

KBG, Pioneering Chinese Representation:

KBG, the first Chinese team to compete in the M5 World Championship Wild Card tournament, is ready to build on its experience. Zhao Yuan, CEO of KBG, expresses, “We witnessed the intensity and passion of the global MLBB scene. Joining MLBB CN positions us as domestic pioneers, and we are committed to promoting the launch and development of MLBB CN, making a positive social impact.”

The Future is Bright:

The past two years have seen phenomenal growth in the global MLBB esports scene. Gears Up for Chinese in the upcoming MSC and Women’s Invitational in Saudi Arabia, the future of MLBB esports promises to be electrifying! Get ready to witness Chinese teams rise to the challenge and showcase their prowess on the global stage!

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