July 19, 2024

TNC Pro Team beats Blacklist International 2-1

TNC Pro Team beats Blacklist International 2-1

The first upset of the season just happened. TNC Pro Team took down Blacklist International 2-1 in a thriller of a match. This is their first meeting for MPL Philippines Season 13.

The first round match between the two teams it was the under dog TNC Pro Team who took the fight to the agents of Blacklist International.

Game 1: TNC Muffs the match

Game 1 TNC started out like a house on fire. They Blitz the Agents right off the bat. Blacklist was playing catch up from the get go. The Phoenix was getting their neutral objects and buffs from their opponents jungle. Then the unthinkable happened TNC lost a team fight and got wiped out by Blacklist International. TNC just blew their early game lead and lost the first game.

Game 2: The Phoenix soars

The second game was more of a nip and tuck affair. TNC Pro Team also blitzed out to an early lead but Blacklist International fought back to equalize and eventually took the lead. But it all boiled down to one team fight. TNC won the fight and eventually run over Blacklist to force a game 3.

Game 3: The TNC Snowball

The third game was more of the same with TNC storming out of the gate and Blacklist International was again on the back foot. But this time TNC made sure that they will not repeat game 2. TNC fought hard and was snowballing mid thru the match. Blacklist eventually succumb to the pressure and eventually lost their towers.

This marks the second straight loss of Blacklist International to TNC Pro Team since the second round of MPL Philippines Season 12. This win also marks the first win for Benthings as a new coach for TNC Pro Team.

The win also bring the TNC back from being last in the standing to right into the thick of things. The season is shaping up to be a very close one. Apart from AP BREN the season is still a toss up.

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