April 14, 2024

ONIC ID takes out Bigetron Sons in Dominating Fashion

ONIC ID takes out Bigetron Sons in Dominating Fashion

The last Match of the first day featured a David vs Goliath match between Bigetron Son from Brazil and Indonesian powerhouse ONIC Esports. Both of the team arrived early in the Philippines to better acclimatize themselves to the local scene.

Bigetron Sons the runner’s up from the last MPL LATAM was up against a giant. The current reigning MSC champions and M Series winner ONIC Esports. The team was up to the challenge and tried to compete. As expected ONIC took the initiative at the onset of the game. Scouting an probing the defenses of the Brazilians. The Hedge hogs with on of the best jungle players ever in MLBB too the early game winning the turtle fights and team fight to for that matter. Bigetron Sons were like deer caught looking at head lights. The team had no answer for the huge gap in experience and chemistry the ONIC was showing. The first game was over in just alittle bit over 10 minutes. 1-0 to the Hedge Hogs.

The second game followed a similar game as the first game. Bigetron Sons tried to make adjustment during the short break, but ONIC was prepared to end the match and to stop the Brazilians from getting their momentum. The game started as ONIC was once again pressuring the lanes and the jungles. Their skills were on full display thoroughly out playing and out matching Bigetron Sons from the start.

ONIC was capitalizing on the very minor errors that Bigetron Sons were committing and winning neutral objectives and team fights. Eventually the pressure seems to be too much for the Brazilians and they were defeated by ONIC in just over 13 minutes. This time it was Goliath that defeated David and ONIC has a win to start their campaign.


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