April 14, 2024

HomeBois Sweeps GeekFam in their Group Stage Match

HomeBois Sweeps GeekFam in their Group Stage Match

MPL Malaysia champions HomeBois introduced themselves to the world by beating MPL Indonesia Runner’s up GeekFam. Bouncing back from their last international tournament set back. This time the stakes are higher and the competition is exponentially better.

The first game saw GeekFam taking the initiative early with the Indo Boys winning the early game tussles and neutral objectives. The team relied on the talent and experience to apply easrly game pressure on the Malaysian squad. The line up that GeekFam picked during the draft was strong at the onset of the game extending into the middle game. The only chance for HomeBois to take victory was to take them into deep water. The team di exactly that.

HomeBois took their time and rolled with the punches, surviving. They were buying time for their power spike to kick in. Things just got a little worse for GeekFam as they had a couple of minor mistakes that let HomeBois hang in the game. As the 25th minute approached the Malaysian team was slowly and methodically pushing the game’s tempo. They were able to reach their power spike and close out the game in 28 minutes. 1-0 in favor of HomeBois.

The second game was the total opposite of the first game. Homebois got a huge confidence boost from the first game that they came out with a different swagger to their step. They had the look in their eyes that they wanted to end the match early.

After the draft and during the start of the match, the Malaysian champions took the initiative and were pressuring GeekFam from the get go. Their rotation was on point catching the Indonesians off tempo. The shoe seems to be on the other foot. It looked as Homebois are the ones looking for a comeback. The fast pace and pressure worked for them as they took out GeekFam 2-0 and putting them comfortably in a position to advance to the knockout stages.

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