April 15, 2024

Fire Flux Upsets Team SMG 2-0

Fire Flux Upsets Team SMG 2-0

Fire Flux the representatives from Turkey just pulled off a minor upset taking down Team SMG of Malaysia. The score is surprising since Team SMG is the Malaysian runner up and arguably a stronger than Turkey.

The first game comes as a shocker with Fire Flux establishing their game early on. The applied pressure to the lanes that Team SMG were having a difficulty time to catch up. Filipino imports Saxa and Mikko was trying to will their team to get out of the rut and come back. But the Fire Flux pressure was simply too much for the Team SMG to over come. The team drops the first game and shows the dominance of Fire Flux in the game

The second game was totally different from the first one. But once again Fire Flux jumped out for an early game lead and was once again pushed their advantage. But this time Team SMG was ready for them. Team SMG was able to draw out the team fights and contest the neutral objectives better. They were trying to take Fire Flux into deep water. Team SMG was successful in extending the match long enough for their power spikes to kick in. But again Fire Flux responded by adjusting and winning the 50-50 fights and pushing the issue. The game turning moment happened with the final clash and  Team SMG over extended themselves and pushed Fire Flux in to the winning point.

Fire Flux adjusted the game play to deal with the late game power spike. They were able to push the issue and corner Team SMG. The relentless pressure was simply just too much for Team SMG to recover from.

Fire Flux just announced that they have arrived by beating Team SMG one of our dark horses in the tournament. Is this the upset of the day?


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