April 15, 2024

AP BREN kick off their M5 with a 2-0 win against Burmese Ghouls

AP BREN kick off their M5 with a 2-0 win against Burmese Ghouls

AP Bren starts their quest for a record 2nd M Series Championship with a dominating sweep against Burmese Ghouls. The team banked upon their mechanical and technical gameplay to seal the victory.

The first game started off with a feeling off round which showed both teams prodding and scouting each other’s defenses. Try to get the movement and reaction from the players, But eventually it was AP Bren who initiated the action by capturing the first turtle of the game and getting first blood. From there the advantage went the way of the Filipinos. They were ratcheting up the pressure against the Burmese. The relentless pressure was enough to force their opponents to make crucial mistakes and eventually loosing the first match in 13:45 seconds. 1-0 to AP Bren. Pheww was the MVP for game 1.

Game 2 was not as clear cut as Game 1. The Ghouls jumped out and got the control of the early game. Now they had the initiative and were the ones applying early game pressure. Their rotation was much crisper than the first game. Clearly the Burmese adapted to the game and were clearly the one pressing the issue. But, the team they were facing was AP Bren. The team has already gone thru the crucible of playing in the MPL Philippines and countless international tournaments. The team banked on this experience to buy time for them to get to the late game and get the advantage. The exchanges in the second game was not as clear cut. There were a lot of 50-50 engagement which could have gotten the way of any team.

In the end it was AP Bren who pulled the victory in an epic 26 minute game. It cannot get any better than this even if you wrote it down. The match was clearly what the M Series need to kick off the festivities in Manila. Kyletzy was the MVP for the second game.

Things will just get better from here. This is just the first game of the first day of the tournament. We will be covering the entirety of the tournament. So keep coming back here for updates.

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