April 15, 2024

Deus Vult takes down The Ohio Brothers in 3 Games

Deus Vult takes down The Ohio Brothers in 3 Games.

In the first 3 game match of the tournament, Deus Vult the European Champion goes head to head against the North American Champions The Ohio Brothers. The entire match was a nip and tuck affair since the get go.

The first game was a a close match with both teams feeling each other out like any team facing each other for the first time. The are times where there were 50-50 engagement where the were no clear winners. But as the match progresses it was Deus Vult applying the pressure and TOB reacting to the situations. The pressure was too much for the North American Champions to handle and they ended up dropping game 1. 1-0 to Deus Vult.

The Second game was looking similar to the first one with both team poking and prodding. But this time The Ohio Brothers made the adjustment from what they learned from the first match. The responded to the pressure by buying time and waited for their power strike to come in. Once they had their items and power spike they team pushed the tempo. Deus Vult was on the back foot from there. The North Americans were pushing and applying pressure to the Europeans and eventually they took game 2. 1-1 The Ohio Brothers equalizes.

The third game was the time where MCC Champions made their counter adjustment. They were more aggressive in the early game and putting The Ohio Brothers on their back foot again. Levelraging on their familiarity from the last 2 games Deus Vult was winning the early game. The Ohio Brothers were trying to again extend the game to reach their power spike. But knowing that The Euro Champs was really pushing the issue now and the team was trying to prevent the power spike. The pressure was enough for them to seal the victory. 2-1 Match goes to Deus Vult.

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