May 24, 2024

MPL PH Season 12 Week 3 Leaderboard shake up

MPL PH Season 12 Week 3 Leaderboard shake up.

The Final Day of the first half of the MPL Philippines Season 12 has come to an end. Aside from the Echo Philippines the only undefeated team this season, the 2nd position is wide open.

As clearly shown in the cover graphics, the teams from 2 to 7 are bunched together with just 4 point separating the teams. This sets up a really exciting 2nd half of the season.

The first game was between the erstwhile kings of SEA RSG Philippines and TNC Pro Team. RSG Philippines is looking to consolidate their position to close out the first season. TNC is looking finish the season on a winning note and gather momentum going to the next season.

Things went according to plan, with RSG sneaking in a split push sneak attack on TNC to seal the first game. The second was simply TNC being outplayed by RSG. Irrad was leading the way for RSG’s resurgence this week. RSG definitely looked as the more solid team and TNC looks like a team looking for direction and inspiration.

After the match during the press conference TNC Pro Team state that they will be looking at possible changes in their MPL and MDL Teams. Let’s just wait for their official announcement.

The Second match was the most highly anticipated match. This the first meeting between ONIC Philippines vs Smart Omega Esports. Both teams had refreshed their line ups with Raizen going to ONIC from Omega ns him vowing to crush the Barangay Omega.

The first two games of the match was a battle of wills. Kelra was playing in an unfamiliar jungle role to go head to head against Raizen.  These two brought up the best from their teams and split the two games. Then it was going to sudden death game 3.

Game 3 Kelra returned to the Gold lane and the usual team dynamics. Clearly momentum was on the side of ONIC.  ONIC applied the pressure early on and continued to press. But in typical Kelra and Smart Omega Fashion, the team was on the comeback trail.  But in one crucial team fight, ONIC was again for the second time on Day 3 finished it off with a split push attack. Game, Set and Match to ONIC Philippines.

The final Match of Round 1 featured the battle for 2nd place if either AP Bren Esports or Blacklist International sweeps the last match they will be up in the second position on the leader board.

Blacklist International took the first game. They were leveraging the latest MLBB patch to the limit. The team has always had a culture of using healers and great support heroes to close in their objectives and win their games. AP Bren adjusted in game 2 and forced their brand of play onto their opponents. Game 2 was won by the Hornets and set up

AP Bren lost of their 3 match going into the final day of the first round. Coach Duckey and the boys will have to dig deep into their experience to bounce back next week.

Thing are just heating up as we enter the 2nd half of the season.

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