July 19, 2024

MPL Philippines Week 3 Day 2 was a day of Support

MPL Philippines Week 3 Day 2 was a day of Support
The new patch really established the age of the healer and support heroes.

MPL Philippines Season 12 week 3 Day 2 has really show how the latest patch has pivoted and change the new meta of the game. The support heroes are now front and center. Matilda, Rafaela and Angela are some of the heroes either being banned or picked up early.

The first match match of the day featured two teams on the come up. RSG Philippines was to take on Smart Omega. The first match was close match with RSG squeaking away with a victory with Emman sneaking into the base an taking down the crystal.

The second match was RSG showing their chemistry and leveraging their momentum of the first game. RSG walked away with the victory 2-0 leaving a wide open race for the second slot in the current MPL Season.

The Ssecond match of the game featured two teams with M Series World Championship pedigree. Echo and AP Bren faced off as the 2 of the 3 Philippine world champion teams. The match showed the wealth pf experience the two teams posses. But Echo was clearly the better team this round as the Orcas outplayed the Hornets in every turn. They had the advantage in selecting the team fights and in claiming the objectives. The first match was not maximizing the new meta but rather they were still playing the pre patch meta.

The second match was a dominant showing by the Orcas, extending their unbeaten streak to 7. Will Echo break the 11 game undefeated record held by Blacklist International well we just have to see.

The third match of the day featured Blacklist international vs TNC Pro Team. TNC is currently languishing at the bottom 2 spots in the league ladder.  Desperate for the win they pushed Black list international to a 3rd game.

This is a game where the new meta coming from the new patch was in full display with both teams exchanging the Matilda in the first two games.  Which team had Matilda on their side was the winner.

Blacklist once again leverage their experience in taking the match 2-1 and improving to 4-2 in the win loss column.

The final game feature ONIC Philippines vs Minana Evos Esports. ONIC Philippines is a team on the rise, while Minana is at the bottom of the leader board and is aching for their second win. ONIC had a masterful 2 games sweeping Minana.

Minana Evos was a having a difficult time in closing out games this season. According to Isonn the team is still at 70% of their full potential and still has a lot to give at the mid point of the season.

The season is now at the mid point there is still half way to go. Echo Clearly leads they way bit the second spot is wide open. We just need to see what will happen for the rest of the season.

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