May 24, 2024

Minana/Evos takes down Echo Philippines

Minana/Evos takes down Echo Philippines

In a day of pull of upsets the biggest one happened on the second match of Day 2 in Week 4 of the MPL Philippines Season 13. Minana/Evos took down former M4 World Champion Echo Philippines.

The biggest upset of the first round Minana/Evos who was on the lower 3rd of the ranking took down erstwhile second place team Echo Philippines. Putting themselves into a good position to advance to the playoffs.

The Hunters became the Hunted

The Orcas suffered their first back loss of the season. This comes at the tail end of the first round.  The Orcas were dominated from the get go and based from their post match conference, they were more reactive. The did not play their own game and reacted to what White Tigers were doing. They were on the back foot from the draft. Coach TicTac stated that they learned a lot from the match an will take it moving forward.

Minana/Evos Last Ride?

During the press conference Dogie (Nazer Mollazehi) stated that this is his last push for the team to find success. He has been paying half for the main MPL team and the MDL team and Minana has been transparent with financial difficulties during the run of the season. This win boosts his hopes of making it to the playoffs which was his main goal.

What’s next for the teams? 

For Minana/Evos this has been a huge shot in the arm in their push towards the playoffs and making it to the post season for the first time in the teams short history. Echo on the other hand needs to take this opportunity to reset and to look at what happened during their last 2 games and adjust.

Things are really looking up for the MPL Philippines Season 13 as a whole shows from a two horse race is now becoming more and more exciting with two upsets coming this week and things are really bunching up. Things are really getting more exciting.

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