May 24, 2024

Do Gods Bleed AP Bren Looses A Round wins the match

The ultimate round of the first round of the MPL Philippines Season 13, the clash AP Bren one of the MPL PH Gods vs ONIC Philippines happened.  AP Bren vs ONIC Philippines was the marquee match of the week.

ONIC Philippines did the once unthinkable which was take a match from AP BREN. The unstoppable juggernaut of the current Season of the MPL Philippines. Basically they are steam rolling the competition and has not yet dropped a match since the upper bracket finals of the M5 World Championship to ONIC Indonesia. The Bees are on a very long win streak.

ONIC Philippines also hot on their own winning streak since dropping the first match to Echo Philippines has since been on  a tear with their 6th 2-0. This has been the biggest scalp that ONIC has in the season. Not only did ONIC Philippines take out the defending champs but they did so in a very dominant fashion.

AP Bren Getting the monkey off their Backs.

Coach Duckey stated that the pressure of having an win streak and undefeated season and finally loosing it is a huge pressure that has been taken from them. To them loosing is time to adjust and recalibrate, improve their strategies to move forward and improve their gameplay.

ONIC Philippines the 6th 2-0 win

Onic Philippines now has tied the longest winning streak at 6 games. According to the post game interview, Coach  YnoT stated that they are currently not feeling the pressure since the the pressure has already started since the beginning of the season.

ONIC the legit contenders.

Now the season has become a three horse race. As of writing this story AP Bren, Echo and Onic is deadlocked with one loss. This will be a very interesting season.

Do Gods Bleed AP Bren Moving forward?

For AP Bren this a time to re calibrate and reset, focus on their mistake if any. Moving forward and keeping their eyes on the prize which is the championship at the end of the season.

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