May 24, 2024

Empowering Filipina Gamers: MOONTON Games and SILAB Partner Up

Empowering Filipina Gamers: MOONTON Games and SILAB Partner Up for MWI 2024 Qualifiers 

The winds of change are blowing strong in the world of esports, and Filipina gamers are poised to take center stage. In a groundbreaking partnership, MOONTON Games, the developer and publisher behind the global mobile phenomenon Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), and SILAB have joined forces to launch the SILAB: Road to MWI Finals 2024. This all-female qualifier tournament is a landmark event, providing Filipina esports athletes with a dedicated platform to showcase their skills and compete for a coveted spot in the prestigious MWI 2024, scheduled for July 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Building a Brighter Future for Women in Esports

The SILAB: Road to MWI Finals 2024 marks a significant stride towards inclusivity and gender equality in the esports landscape. This initiative recognizes the immense talent and potential of Filipina MLBB players, who have often been underrepresented in the competitive scene. The tournament serves as a powerful platform to empower these athletes, allowing them to share their narratives of success and inspire future generations.

Partnership for Progress

The collaborative spirit behind this event is truly commendable. MOONTON Games, a company with a proven track record of fostering inclusivity in esports, takes center stage alongside SILAB. The involvement of renowned Filipina esports personalities like Queen Wasabi (CEO, Overdrive Creative Studios), Dani Rogacion (MPL Philippines caster), Chantelle Hernandez, and Jang Bien (Fantech PH Esports and PR Manager) further bolsters the tournament’s credibility and reach. The Philippine Esports Organization (PESO) also lends its valuable support to ensure a well-organized and successful competition.

Championing Filipina Esports Talent

Lee Viloria, MOONTON Games’ BD and Partnerships Lead, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “At MOONTON Games, we give importance to the representation of women in esports. With the launch of SILAB: Road to MWI Finals 2024, we hope that this platform will put the spotlight on our Filipina MLBB gamers to be seen and heard. Filipinas are equally strong and talented as our male gamers. They excel not only as managers, coaches, hosts, and casters, but also as formidable esports athletes.”

Chantelle Hernandez, an MPL Philippines caster, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s significance for Filipina esports players: “This partnership with MOONTON Games is a testament to their commitment to creating a platform for women and by women. We are grateful to MOONTON Games for creating the way towards inclusivity by mounting this event with us. May this initiative encourage women in esports to venture beyond their comfort zones and empower them to share their own narratives of success.”

Jab Escutin, PESO SIBOL General Manager, recognizes the broader impact of this collaboration: “We are delighted that this partnership between Moonton and Silab will bring much-needed momentum to move forward women in esports. We believe that esports is a great avenue to further push gender equality in sports and this collaboration will ignite the flames and light the way for our Esports community as a whole.”

The Road to MWI 2024

The SILAB: Road to MWI Finals 2024 is structured across three distinct phases:

  1. Franchise Owners’ Qualifiers Round
  2. SILAB Open Qualifiers (Registration starts today! Link:
  3. MWI Philippines Grand Finals

The Open Qualifiers provide an opportunity for any Filipina esports team to showcase their skills and fight for a chance to compete at the MWI 2024. This global tournament boasts one of the largest prize pools ever witnessed in women’s esports history, offering a staggering USD 500,000 to be shared among the top teams. With thousands of teams anticipated to participate in Open Qualifiers worldwide, the competition promises to be fierce. Only twelve teams will ultimately advance to the MWI 2024, vying for the ultimate glory and a significant share of the prize pool.

The SILAB: Road to MWI Finals 2024 is a beacon of hope and a testament to the burgeoning Filipina esports scene. This tournament empowers Filipina gamers, fosters inclusivity, and paves the way for a brighter future where female athletes are celebrated for their talent and dedication. So, gear up, Filipina gamers! This is your chance to claim your rightful place on the global stage and etch your names in esports history.

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