June 22, 2024

Light, EDWARD, join ECHO trio in Evident All-MPL PH team

Light, EDWARD, join ECHO trio in Evident All-MPL PH team

It would be an understatement to say that MPL Philippines is rich with top-tier, world-class Mobile Legends talent given that it is a nation of world champions.

It is plenty and overflowing, and the two straight Southeast Asian Games gold medals, back-to-back MLBB Southeast Asia Cup victories, and two M-Series World Championships in the previous two years are all good examples.

This year is no exception, as RSG Philippines and ECHO respectively represent the nation with the M4 World Championship and the MSC 2022. Omega Esports and Blacklist International, who had previously held their titles in contention, made sure to position themselves such that they might do so again.

And it was all about the players that invested a lot of time into perfecting, honing, and developing their trades in order to excel in whatever they accomplish inside the Land of Dawn. In order to create the first All-MPL PH team, the MPL Philippines Press Corps and Evident Integrated Marketing and PR selected the top players in each position.

The three M4 World champions Karl “Karltzy” Nepomuceno, Alston “Sanji” Pabico, and Benedict “BennyQT” Gonzales are leading the mythical five.

ECHO trio in Evident Dominance is led by Karltzy, who was formerly recognized as the greatest in the world at M2, shown that he is capable of much more than just his usual spectacular display of masterful mechanics with his distinctive assassin selections. He flourished on the utility jungle selections this year with his trademark Barats and Fredrinn to win the title of greatest jungler of the year by exhibiting the adaptability of a genuine jungler.

BennyQT, on the other hand, initially desired a title in order to persuade himself that he is, in fact, the world’s best gold laner. The fact that he was also named the M4 Grand Finals MVP made him an easy choice for the MPL PH’s best gold laner, and he made sure to assert his title in a compelling manner.

Sanji’s selection to the All-MPL PH team as the best midlaner brings an outstanding first year to a close, which also saw him win the Rookie of the Year award. Despite competing against some of the strongest midlaners in the world, the ECHO rookie prevailed.

Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap of Blacklist International and Dylan “Light” Catipon of RSG PH are the new additions to the group.

In a close race in the offlane, The Agent Zero emerged victorious to win the title of best EXP laner of the year. As he assisted the team in making a historic comeback to the M-series Grand Finals stage, Edward continued to establish himself as a crucial component of the Blacklist’s winning code.

The same could be said of Light, who stood out among the league’s talented roamers the most. In addition to helping RSG win the Season 9 and MSC crowns, his leadership, game knowledge, and superb setups on his tank selections, such Khufra and trademark Chou, also allowed him to break onto the All-MPL PH squad as the season’s top roamer.

All five of them will share the spotlight in the inaugural PL Philippine Press Corps Awards Night, powered by SMART and also sponsored by Razor Gold and Evident Integrated Marketing and PR at the Amelie Hotel although only one of them could become the SMART Player of the Year to be announced on the same day of the event on March 8.

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