December 7, 2023

Counter Strike 2 Launching Beta Soon

Counter Strike 2 Launching Beta Soon

CS:GO community is whipping up a frenzy on the discovery of CS 2

Did the latest Nvidia Update just leak Counter Strike 2? In a recent tweet, @gabefollower hinted about Counter-Strike 2, the follow-up to one of Valve’s most popular games, CS: GO.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive executable file with the names “csgos2.exe, cs2.exe” was visible in the Nvidia driver’s game profiles in the images linked to the tweet. Since the 10-year anniversary of Valve’s timeless blockbuster, gamers have been begging for a sequel.

The fact that these two executables and the game profile are brand-new makes this situation particularly intriguing. The NVIDIA drivers’ earlier iterations did not have this profile. So, it looks that this leak is authentic.

The most recent version of the Nvidia driver reportedly includes a brand-new “Counter-strike 2” game profile. Nevertheless, it cannot be found right away on the device because the Nvidia drivers only show the installed programs’ profiles.

There has been a lot of speculation around the potential release of Source 2 for CS: GO, with some players anticipating a significant update that will bring improved aesthetics, performance, and new features.

Given that CS: GO now has an astounding amount of players from all over the world, it will be fascinating to learn more about this “Counter-Strike 2” game and to watch where the series goes from here. For what it’s worth, neither Nvidia nor Valve have addressed this. We have also reached out to Nvidia representative and we have yet to get any comment regarding the news.

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