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League of Legends Clash is finally here

League of Legends Clash is finally here

Clash is finally here and here’s our guide to Clash tournaments in the first half of 2023.

What exactly is Clash and why should I be excited?

You and four other players form a team for the monthly Clash event, where you face off against other teams of similar quality. Only Saturday and/or Sunday are reserved for matches, and the more victories you get, the greater your awards will be!

You can learn more about Clash in our FAQ.

Clash in Southeast Asia

Everyone who logs in between February 25 and March 28 will receive a free basic entrance ticket for Clash as part of the game’s Southeast Asian launch celebration. Be ready with your five stack because this ticket is good for any of the forthcoming tournaments.

Below is our anticipated tournament schedule for the first split of the year so that you have enough time to organize your teams! With the switch to a two-split year, we’ll now try to publish the Clash schedules concurrently with the split start. GLHF!

Lock-In Begins Tournament Days
Bilgewater Cup


Week 1 March 6 March 11-12
Week 2 March 20 March 25-26
Mt. Targon Cup Week 1 April 3 April 8-9
Week 2 April 17 April 22-23
To Be Announced Week 1 May 1 May 6-7
Week 2 May 8 May 13-14
Bandle City Cup Week 1 May 29 June 3-4
Week 2 June 12 June 17-18

OP.GG now supports Clash!

We have heard from players who have had a hard time trying to find suitable team members to play together. We hear you and we are excited to announce that OP.GG now supports Clash!

Use and find the best teammates to join you in Clash!

You can search for a team member based on rank, champion preference, or even preferred position! It also shows you details such as win rates, KDA, along with their highest mastery Champions so that you can make informed decisions on who will join you on the Rift!

Do you have what it takes to be a Clash champion?

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