June 22, 2024

Echo Esports Remains Unbeaten in MPL PH

Echo Esports Remains Unbeaten in MPL PH.

On the second round of the MPL Philippines Season 12 Echo Esports maintained their unbeaten streak. Their first match of the week is against Black list international. Blacklist has not won a single round against Echo dating back to the M4 world championship last January.

The first game was a very low scoring game. Echo showed their time and tested strategy and playing in the new meta. The first match also showed the dominance that Echo Esports have over Blacklist international. Blacklist International also debuted 2 new players to shake up their line up. The Echo Express still took down Blacklist in under 18 mins. Karltzy was on point this game and was imposing their play style on Blacklist International.

The second game was a totally different game with Blacklist International jumping out of the gate and imposing their brand of play. They immediately reversed the first game and running to a 6-0 early lead. Things were looking particularly bleak for the Orcas. The agents were set to press their advantage and moving into the the 20th minute of the game things it seems that the curse will finally be broken. Blacklist will finally be able to win.

But things have a tendency to go against the plans. Once again it was Karltzy amazing play at the mid lane which averted disaster. This sacrifice play was akin to a queen sacrifice in chess. You sacrifice your best piece in order to get better position. In this case he bought enough time for his team. That few seconds was enough to swing the momentum in favor of Echo. Echo came back from the brink and manage to turn the tide.

In an amazing game which lasted for more than 30 minutes Echo Esports kept their perfect record and continued their dominance of Blacklist International.

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