July 19, 2024

Counter Strike 2 vs Valorant who is the king?

Counter Strike 2 vs Valorant who is the king?

The grand daddy of it the all, the game that made FPS to what it is today is FINALLY getting an upgrade. We did write a feature about the leak that was seen here. We even tried to verify it with our contacts from Nvidia and got the “We can neither confirm or deny what was leaked” line. Then last week back the official announcement was up. When we thought that the first leaks drove the faithful into a frenzy, the official announcement proved us wrong. The announcement made the anticipation of the launch to a insane levels.

But let’s not get over ourselves and drool over Counter Strike 2 that much. While CS:GO was long in the tooth, an upstart game called Valorant, took the FPS Genre by storm. Valorant was able to convert a lot of CS:GO pros and were able to establish their global presence. This followed what Riot Games did with League of Legends. Dare we day this that for the past 2 years in our opinion Valorant was the king of the FPS hill.

Head to Head

While both are tactical shooters the game is different.  Valorant is set on a near-future Earth impacted by large advancements in technology, a mysterious global event known as First Light, and the discovery of a substance called radianite. While Counter Strike 2 is based on current earth with Counter Terrorist Special Forces and Terrorist Agents.

Both of the games have their appeal but for us personally, we have a bit of longing for Counter Strike. Valorant has indeed provided a different take with different agents having different utilities. But Counter Strike offers realism. Everyone has their own preference but for us this goes to Counter Strike.

Tactical Gameplay

In terms of tactical gameplay with all things considered equal and it is just a matter of skill. The more tactical game in our opinion will be Counter Strike. Bu this not take away merits from Vaorant. The different flavor and abilities the agents brin to the table is definitely a breath of fresh air. To coin a phrase one of our players mention before, Valorant is a MOBA happens to be FPS, this player used to be a top CS:GO player who transition to Valorant.

But Who is the King of FPS?

It too early to tell since Counter Strike 2 is in limited Beta at the moment. Valorant is having their first regional and global season. But if you ask us, this summer will be the heavy weight championship face off between Counter Strike 2 and Valorant.

To be honest, the real Kings here will be the Players. We now have more options to play and watch FPS Games.


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