July 19, 2024

Counter Strike 2 (CS2) What we can expect.

With the impending release of Counter Strike 2 slated in the summer. The fan base is now in a feeding frenzy on what we can expect from the overdue update.

The official website is up and saying that Valve is slowly expanding the beta to include more players. So with that the faithful has been frequently updating their steam accounts. The are hoping that they get that coveted beta test invite.

But on a more exciting mode this update will know compete with the erstwhile king of the hill, Valorant. Will Counter-Strike 2 kill off Valorant, we don’t think so. Just as when Valorant exploded into the scene CS:GO did not die. There is always room for a good game in esports/gaming the fans may bicker and argue until the sun burns out on what is the better game. Then there are gamers like us who appreciate both games.

We have been playing CS from the start since it was a mod of Half Life (Carbon Dating). So know that we love FPS games and we have spent countless hours playing not particularly getting better at the game. But we are enjoying the game.

We are very Excited when we can finally get a hold of Counter-Strike 2.

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