February 29, 2024

COD Dropping the Banhammer on Cheaters

Publishers of the highly successful game Call of Duty Series has dropped a huge number of bans on player accounts. This bring into light the zero tolerance of publishers in their games. COD dropping the banhammer is as we expected. Quick and massive, the total number of bans alone last Feb. 2, 2021 is about about 60,000 unique user accounts. According to the Call of Duty Blog


The publisher is not just going after the cheaters. They are also looking for the moders, hackers and cheat code creators. They are trying to solve the problem at the source. This is quite a very tall order. The cheating in the game is mind-bogglingly rampant. This really is a sticking point for legit games from enjoying the game.

Here are some more highlights from the post regarding the bans.

 Weekly backend security updates

·      Improved in-game reporting mechanisms

·      Added 2-factor authentication, which has invalidated over 180,000 suspect accounts

·      Eliminated numerous unauthorized third party software providers

·      Increased dedicated teams and resources across software development, engineering, data science, legal and monitoring

In addition, we’re increasing our efforts and capabilities in these key areas.

·      Enhancements to our internal anti-cheat software

·      Additional detection technology

·      Adding new resources dedicated to monitoring and enforcement

·      Regular communication updates on progress; more two-way dialogue

·      Zero tolerance for cheat providers

·      Consistent and timely bans

Hopefully with the amount of cheaters being hit by the banhammer, playability and simply enjoying the will increase. Let’s just wait and see and hopefully we can enjoy more of Call of Duty.

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