February 29, 2024

Battle of Legends kicks off first CODM tournament

Battle of Legends kicks off first CODM tournament

Battle of Legends kicks off their very first Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) tournament. Battle of Legends is powered by Fulcrum Esports Online Events. This is Fulcrum Esports first foray into competitive mobile gaming. this also marks their second mobile tournament after the highly successful Wild Rift Challengers Clash which was held last Feb. 27, 2021

The first tournament of the Battle of the Legends series will be open to all teams with 32 team cap. The tournament is based on the community tournament concept which aims to discover new and upcoming teams and talents. The tournament also aims to make the CODM community more visible in the mainstream.  Currently the popularity of Call of Duty Mobile has been waning due to intense competition from other titles.  Fulcrum esports aims to deliver quality tournament on a grassroots level.

Currently the team capacity is being filed up with known and new teams. This tournament just got really exciting. Fulcrum Esports Online Events is still awaiting even more teams to join in the tournament. According to the events team this will not be the last. This means that the participating has more chances of joining the tournament.

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