May 24, 2024

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.05

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.05

Patch 4.05 has been live for a couple of days now. We will once again revisit the agent Tier List and see who has risen and fallen in the Meta. There has been some changes to the game play read them all here.

Let’s begin the analysis.

S Tier


Contrary to what we wanted to see Jett still remains at the top of the rankings this patch. The amount of picks she has been getting in the last VCT across all the regions is a testament to how this agent is still part of the meta. We were hoping that there might be some nerfs headed her way, but alas she still is the same Jett.


The quintessential info agent. Sova has been part of almost every successful VCT team and high ELO games. His information gathering skill is still the best in the gave and his ultimate can definitely affect the planting/defusing of the spike and even knock out Killjoys Ultimate. This Agent is firmly secure atop of the mountain.


The newest agent featured in the S Tier. He is fast becoming an essential anchor for most teams holding sites alone. His head hunter utility absolutely dominates pistol rounds. His Coup de Grace is absolutely devastating.  Having a second operator, or even a first one is absolutely demoralizing to the opposition. Did we mention that he can quickly relocate?

A Tier


We put Big Daddy Brime in the S Tier Rank last patch. But as soon as RIOT Games gave him a buff to catapult him back into relevance, the quickly nerfed him back a bit. I mean have 2 Stim beacon charges is absolutely bonkers and can give the entire team the extra speed boost. Timing the use of the steam beacon is now really the essential for those quick site rush strategies.


Nothing has changed for the main healer in the game. We moved her up one tier from last patch just because the need for a healer in the current meta is needed. But not only healing, her main asset is the ability to delay pushed onto site and area denial. The current meta is just right to have those two abilities.

B Tier


The previous patch’s rework has absolutely brought Yoru back from the brink of obscurity. But unfortunately the hype has died down and we can see that Yoru has settled in the B Tier. Similar to the initial hype that accompanied Neon. The Yoru buff does not really quit cut it in professional and high ELO games.

There are not much changes to the B Tier.

C Tier

The agents currently in the C Tier were once on top of the meta, but unfortunately with the new patches and agents they have slowly gone down in ranking. They are still viable in certain maps and situations, but there are better agents and options currently available.


The latest Patch 4.05 really balance out the game with most of the agents falling in the A to B Tiers which is absolutely good for the game. This will show a little bit of variety in game lay dynamics not only those mirror matches every time.  In our opinion aside from the bug that the patch had, this is one of the more interesting Valorant patches we have ever had.

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