June 22, 2024

Will Blacklist International make it to the Final?

Will Blacklist International make it to the Final?
On the Brink of elimination can the the Codebreakers tap into their experience to Advance?

Blacklist International is once again on familiar situation, their backs against the wall this MPL Ph Season 13. This will be the 3rd time is as may day that the codebreakers face possible elimination.  but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a look at how Blacklist International got here.

Day 1 the day of Death

The day of the Play ins. This will be the first time that the bottom 3  teams will duke it out for the last spot in the double elimination bracket. Blacklist International was against Minana/Evos in first match of the play ins.

Minana/Evos vs Blacklist International – This was a nip and tuck match with both teams pouring everything they had on the line. In the classic fashion the match went to five games. Both teams were not giving an inch. Every codebreaker and white tiger were pushing hard. The teams were trying to will themselves to the next round. But a crucial team fight loss by Minana/Evos sealed their fate. The code beakers capitalized and booked their ticket to the next round.

Fnatic Onic Philippines vs Blacklist International – the final match of the day, the second sudden death match. Right of the bat, Fnatic leveraged on the long series that Blacklist just went thru taking the first game in a decisive fashion. They had all the answers to the code breakers. But then starting game 2, Blacklist international got their second wind and rolled three consecutive victories. Beating Fnatic from the draft to the game. Fnatic simply were not able to handle the onslaught of the codebreakers. Their momentum was simply unstoppable.

After 9 games, 2 sudden deaths matches, the code breakers books their tickets to the playoffs proper.

Day 2 vs The Killer Bees

After the day of death, things did not get any better for the code breakers. Next they were up against the unstoppable juggernaut of Philippine MLBB the multiple world champion Falcon AP Bren. The 9 game marathon also did not help Blacklist on the contrary it helped Falcon AP Bren scout the tendencies of the codebreakers.

The match started out as the world champions showed their class and mettle the team nigh bummed rush Blacklist International. Falcon AP Bren busted out of the gate like a bat out of hell. Blacklist international did try to impose their will but Falcon AP Bren simply denied then the chance even to start. Ultimately the codebreaker fell to the killer bees 3-0.

Day 3 a Familiar Place

This is an all to familiar feeling to Blacklist International, their backs against the wall, facing potential elimination. This time I the stakes are higher. The codebreakers up up against the 3rd seed RSG Slate.  Now, things are getting exciting. Can Blacklist International pull this off and advance to the lower bracket finals? We just have to watch the matches

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