June 22, 2024

Top Organizations Enter the Local Esports Scene

Top Organizations Enter the Local Esports Scene

There was a seismic shift in the local esports scene recently. Some of the biggest global esports organizations announced their partnership and acquisition of local and regional esports organizations.

Team Secret

The first of the big organizations who entered the local scene. They were the organization who took the vaunted BREN Esports Valorant team, and made regional contenders of them. Team Secret has been in the midst of the VCT APAC Scene. They are currently in a sort of rebuilding phase since the form as of late is quite erratic. But rest assured that Team Secret is here to stay

Team Falcons

The next team announced to enter the local esports scene is Team Falcons from the MENA region. The Saudi Arabian team has partnered up with AP BREN creating Falcon AP Bren. The reigning world champion has announced the partnership. This will greatly boost AP Bren current campaign to enter MSC 2024. The upcoming mid season tournament will be biggest prize pool in MLBB history.

Team Liquid

The second European team to European team to enter the local/regional scene. The European team acquired stun.gg the parent com. “It was the leaders and staff of AURA and ECHO that convinced us that we were making the right decision,” added Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “Their integration is vital to our success in the region, and we will provide them with the guidance and autonomy they need to authentically represent Team Liquid in Indonesia and the Philippines. I am excited to welcome our new Indonesian and Filipino fans.”

The new official rebranding of the AURA Esports and ECHO teams will begin during the next season of MPL Indonesia and MPL Philippines, where the teams will compete as Team Liquid ID and Team Liquid PH going into MSC 2024.

Team Fnatic

The Next European team to enter is Fnatic, the European power house also acquired Onic Philippines and will be know as Fnatic Onic Philippines moving forward. It was unfortunate that the team was not able to advance to the playoff proper. But again with the big organization brings bigger resources and even bigger expectations.

Things are looking up in the esports scene. The Filipino esports athletes in MLBB and Valorant are leading the charge. Hopefully local sponsor wake up and support our teams.

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