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Valorant VCT APAC is Just Around the Corner

Valorant VCT APAC is Just Around the Corner
Amazing APAC Valorant is happening this March 2022

You heard that right guys the Valorant VCT APAC is happening soon, really soon, this week end as we are writing this article. To kick things off there will be the play-ins, this tournament is for those who finished 3rd place in the country competition.

The tournament proper will begin on March 16 – 21 with the teams representing the various countries plus 4 for the play in tournaments will be vying for a slot in the play offs leg of the VCT Champions Stage 1.

The game has just updated to patch 4.04 which definitely will be interesting. The agent and map reworks we discussed here and the second part here

Those changes will absolutely be vital to the strategies and the plays that these teams will be using. Taking a close look at the teams it seems that the old guard such as Team Secret, Paper Rex and X10 are not in the group stages. Has the new teams risen to take their place?

We are very excited to watch the action unfold and find our who will represent APAC

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