April 15, 2024

Valorant Releases Patch 2.01 with interesting updates.

Valorant Releases Patch 2.01 with interesting updates.

Well, that was fast. Riot games immediately releases a new patch for Valorant Patch 2.01 this coming in just a couple of weeks from the release of Patch 2.0. Patch 2.0 gave us agent 14 which was Yoru and the jury’s still out on how his ability will change the Meta.

Brimstone mains (me included) were overjoyed to see our main character become viable again (or was the character even viable in the first place).

But enough about that, let’s talk about Patch 2.01.


Jett has been one of the most popular agents since the release of Valorant with her being matched with an operator it seems that the pairing is match made in heave that is destined to be part of the meta for a ling time.

Cloudburst Smoke duration decreased 7 >>> 4.5

Riot just returned the duration of the smoke to almost the original condition which they started with. The logic behind this is that Jett has been taking the place of controller agents. The teams have been using Jett gain area control. Let’s see how this will affect the meta moving forward.

Map Updates:


There are a lot of new thing that will be included in Split. In my opinion this will give the attackers a better chance of accessing the sites to plant the spike. I have seen attackers use this new obstacles in full effect during the early hours of the patch’s release.

Here are all the changes with comparison to what was there before and after.










Added ability to hide custom game results from Match History
This has been highly anticipated since what the teams currently do is to set the Max Rounds to 24 and just abandon the game when one team reaches 13 wins.

We still do not know how this will affect the meta. But one thing is for sure this will make things really interesting since the Challenger Series is just around the corner.



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