February 28, 2024

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 6.0

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 6.0

The long awaited Valorant patch 6.0 is now upon us. There is a new map Lotus, Split came back better and we have two maps are now out of rotation. But this is not a feature where we discuss the patch changes. This is where we discuss the Agent Tiers with the new Patch. There has been a lot of movement since out last Tier List .Most of the changes that happened in the ranks below the S Rank.

S Rank

Viper still is at the top of the current Meta. When it comes to vision blocking and area denial for map control she is in charge. No Agent comes close to Viper. Viper remains at the top of the pyramid.

A Rank

This rank was previously over crowded. We had a hard time last patch to sort out all of the agents. But this patch and the added maps we are now able to reduce the a rank agent to 6. Not surprising anybody but all the agent here are still here from the last patch ranking we did.


Since the introduction of Lotus, the second 3 site map, Sage’s Barrier Orb is in demand for area denial. This agent also has the ability not only to funnel you opponents and slow down rotation, but the Resurrection Orb is an extra life that can be the difference from winning and losing.


Sova always excel in one thing, information. Since information is king, then Sova is a priority pick for most competitive teams.


Omen received a major nerf this patch. The one way Omen smoke is no more. But this is not the only thing that Omen bring to the team. This agent also blinds your opponents that can be the entry opportunity for you site assault.

The their is the staple of the A Tier Valorant Agent Tier List. Killjoy, Jett, and Raze rounds up the A tier.

B Tier

The mainstays of B Tier has remained stable for quite a while now. Patch 6.0 has certainly mixed things up a bit.


The biggest change in this Tier is the addition of Kay/0. This might surprise a lot of players since we have ranked this agent a lot higher in the past rankings. The main reason we think this agent has reduced in the tier list is the nerfing of Chamber.

C Tier

We have the most number of agents since we started doing the list. How the mighty have fallen.


The Mighty has really fallen. Chamber was on the receiving end of a lot of nerf patch after patch. Initially he was still useful even with the nerfs. But this time he was truly cut down. The usage rate for chamber has been drastically reduced. This follows a similar path as what happened to Astra in the last act. The Chamber Meta has now officially ended.


When harbor was first released we had high hopes that he will challenge Viper at the top. But this agent still lacks a lot in terms of utility and usability. A couple of tweaks here and there might stabilize the agent. But currently her still falls a long way if you compare him to Viper.

Brimstone and Breach

The OGs of the game feels dated and a little bit out of place with the current Meta. Again like harbor a few tweaks might put them in the mix of things again.

Reyna and Phoenix

One again this two agent are here at the bottom. The did get a couple of buffs in previous patches but we feel they are still on the outside looking in. Similarly we feel that they need a lot of work to be more relevant.

That is our Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 6.0. We would like to hear from you comment down below if you agree with us.

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