July 19, 2024

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 4.09

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 4.09

Valorant Patch 4.09 has finally dropped on us and there are some changes to the different agents. There were agents that we slightly nerfed and we have yet to see the effect of Fade.



Jett has been reworked quite a bit from Patch 4.08. But the Players have already adapted, we now think that a Jett with 2 dashes is even better than the previous one. Granted that the timing is different now that in previous patches. But Jett is proves that she is S tier.


Right of the bat Chamber has been proving that he is the top sentinel in the current Meta. But perhaps he has become too powerful? According to the developers at Riot Chamber has quite been overpowered and has dominated the flank protection so he did receive the following nerf to his Trademark.

  • Trademark
    • Cost increased 150>>>200
    • Charges reduced 2>>>1
    • Audio range increase

But chamber still remains the one of the go to sentinels in the game. His ability to maneuver around the site and surprise opponent is still top tier and that is why he still belongs in S tier.


The Foil to Chamber, Robot Agent from an alternate future is still in the top tier. With his Silence and Disruption when using his ultimate really puts a huge monkey wrench in your opponents’ plans.

A Tier

A tier is getting more and more crowded with more agents being used and gives the game more variety and flavor. Let us look at the news agent and how she fits in the A tier.


The Latest agent of Valorant, the Agent of Fear, the latest information Agent. Fade has been playing in a lot of ranked games and is slowly creeping in Pro play. The combination of information gathering and limiting opponents movement is a huge advantage. Not to mention her Ultimate that basically shuts you down and you opponents get to rush you. That combination is truly lethal.

B Tier

The B Agents are still usable in unique situations but the only change is that Skye Gets bumped down from A. Fade has bumped her down from the tier. Skye still has her utility and played with the right team composition and map she still holds her own.

C Tier

The bottom of the list still remains the same with Phoenix being in last place. Although there are rumors that Phoenix will get an agent rework soon, but of this patch he is still at the bottom.

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