June 22, 2024

Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 5.08

Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 5.08

It has been a while since we updated our tier list for the Agent of Valorant for the most recent patch. There has been a lot of things that has happened since our last update. For starters there has been a new agent released. Harbor the latest Agent is a Radianite Artifact user we did an in-depth review when her was launched here and and our YouTube Feature here.

So let’s begin the Tier list for patch 5.08

C Tier

Starting at the bottom of the list at C-Tier these agent have been re-tooled ang are absolutely killing it at the Ranked games. But unfortunately that is where thing stopes being good. Don’t get us wrong Yoru has already been buffed but to most teams in professional and organized play.

Reyna also suffers the same fate as Yoru having a huge impact in ranked games but not in organized play. Reyna is usually the best agent stomping around if the player using it knows what to do.

Finally rounding off the C Tier is Pheonix. Riot again has already buffed the character but unfortunately he is still not getting any love from players in organized play. The agent simply is jut out of the meta.

B Tier

B Tier is where most of the specialized agents lie. Don’t get us wrong, this agents are good but they are still on the outside looking in.

Cypher, everybody’s favorite CCTV guy has been quite lagging for a while. His skills and abilities are just not up to par with the rest of the information agent as I call them, Sova and Fade. Cypher can still hold his own if used by a specialist on certain maps.

Astra, we can still remember the days when Astra was meta. Everybody had an Astra in their team. But since the nerf Astra has dropped in popularity as the primary smoker of the team. She still has some of her abilities and if used properly can still change the game in her teams favor.

Breach, what can we say, still one of the most annoying stunner/flasher in the game. Maps like Fracture and Haven, Breach is an absolute head ache. He is precise blunt tool that clears area and stuns opponents but again still a specialist.

Sage, What is there to say about the resident healer and extra life of Valorant? She has been recently been put on the back burner in favor of more damage dealing and information agents.

The other healer Skye also has been relegated to B Tier, here flashes and information gathering is also replaced in the current meta by Fade.

Neon, in our opinion is still needed to figured out and unlock, the agent shows a lot of potential but it seems that she is missing something for the agent to have a break thru. I mean in large maps she is truly showing off her maximum potential. Let’s see in future update if there are more to unlock.

Harbor, the latest agent to arrive, we are still split what tier to put him on. We simply have not much time using the agent. For now we will just put our resident water bender here in B Tier.

A Tier

The bread and butter of Valorant, need we say more? These are the agent we usually see picked in top tier VCT and tournament action. Need we still discuss these agents? No, but we will do a quick run down just in case those who are not familiar with them.

There are the Smoker Agents, Brimstone, Omen, and Viper. These agents obscure vision and have specific abilities to capture and deny space to their opponents an absolute must if you are playing organized tournaments.

Area denial specialist anyone? Then there is Killjoy, this agent specializes in area denial from her robots to her ultimate she definitely locks down a site.

Sova, the erstwhile king of information agents has now been bumped a notch lower but still effective though.

Then there are the entry duelist combo of Jett and Raze absolutely necessary when entering and contesting a site.

S Tier

Now we get to the cream of the crop the top of the pyramid. The last 3 agents that are almost always gets picked in competitive organized play.

There is Chamber and his counter Kay-O. Chamber has already suffered a number of nerfs but still reigns supreme. His abilities at an early stage really changes the game, Head Hunter is a nasty pistol at the start of the match. But, Kay-O has the abilities to counter Head Hunter, Zero point not only detects opponents but also suppresses their abilities that is why the Chamber v Kay-O meta is now upon us.

The final S Tier Agent, the new queen of information Fade. This agent is simply too good. Prowler and Haunt is truly game changing. Information is power  in this case it is.

So that is how we see it for patch 5.08. we will be updating the tier as soon as we get more paly time with Harbor and if there are any agent changes on the next patch.

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