February 29, 2024

Take a look at the in-game effects of #EChouLOUD!

Take a look at the in-game effects of #EChouLOUD!

The M4 Champion skin for Chou, “ECHO”, is coming soon! This skin is designed in the theme of the M4 World Champion team, ECHO. Chou wears the team uniform and has elements of the team’s orca logo, signature, and name in his in-match effects and skill visual effects. This skin is a manifestation of ECHO’s unity and cohesiveness.

The skin will be on sale starting August 21. There will be presale and price deduction events for you to participate in. Log in to the game now and join the events!

Here are some additional details about the skin:

  • The skin has a purple and blue color scheme, which are the colors of ECHO.
  • Chou’s hair is styled in a similar way to the hair of ECHO’s players.
  • Chou’s clothes have the ECHO logo on them.
  • Chou’s skills have new visual effects that feature the orca logo and the ECHO name.

I have just pre ordered mine today when the announcement came out. I have already been using the trial version of the skin and it does not disappoint.

The Preview has just dropped click this link to view.

So guys and gals what are you waiting for?



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