July 19, 2024

Smolder Takes Flight: Fiery Fledgling Ignites the Rift!

Smolder Takes Flight: Fiery Fledgling Ignites the Rift!

Noxus struck gold in Camavor. After years of dragon-hunting, they snagged a fiery prize: a hatchling emperor drake! But in the chaos, mama dragon wasn’t about to let her son become a trophy. Burning the ship to the waterline, she set the fledgling free. Adrift and alone, he found solace in the arms of a friendly island boy who named him Smolder.

Life wasn’t all fun and fireflies, though. One playful pyromaniac incident later, Smolder’s world was set ablaze by a familiar silhouette in the sky – his mother! Reunited, Smolder learns the legacy he carries as a Camavoran heir. Though still a playful pup, his fiery prowess is no joke. He sneezes napalm, breathes barbecues, and sets any battlefield ablaze with childish glee.

Smolder’s ready to scorch the competition in Patch 14.3, proving that even a fledgling dragon can pack a punch (and a scorching fireball). So brace yourselves, Summoners, because League of Legends is about to get a whole lot hotter! When Smolder Takes Flight Fiery Mayhem follows.

The latest addition to the roster o League of Legends champion shows that Riot Games is working hard to give players new experiences in the game.

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