April 14, 2024

League of Legends Unleashes a Season of Enchantment

League of Legends Unleashes a Season of Enchantment: Arcane, Champions, and More!

The Summoner’s Rift bursts with excitement as League of Legends kicks off Season 2024! Riot Games’ epic MOBA welcomes players back with a treasure trove of updates, previews, and surprises, promising a year teeming with Arcane-infused magic, champion transformations, and thrilling gameplay innovations.

Arcane’s Echo: Step into Act Two! We’re not done in Piltover and Zaun just yet. Season 2 of the critically acclaimed “Arcane” arrives in November, and League celebrates with an Ambessa Medarda champion debut, Arcane-inspired gameplay tweaks, and thematic skins. Get ready to unleash the magic of the show within the Rift!

Champion Evolution: New faces and familiar favorites prepare to grace the battlefield. Skarner’s long-awaited visual upgrade charges onto the scene, followed by two exciting reworks: an Arcane champion matching their animated counterpart and the fiery Shyvana receiving gameplay adjustments. Smolder, the fiery fledgling, takes flight on the PBE in January, paving the way for a solo-lane mage later in the year.

Skin Symphony: Rammus and Olaf join the skin party in 2024, alongside dazzling Prestige editions for Rakan, Ezreal, and more. Lee Sin gets his artistic due with an ASU, while Teemo’s makeover receives an updated timeline. Lunar Revel kicks off the skin parade with the celestial Heavenscale line and returning favorites like Porcelain. More thematic treats like Faerie Court, PROJECT, and Blood Moon await throughout the year, and older Legendaries like Brolaf and Dragon Trainer Tristana finally get their border shine.

Ranked Revamp: Riot tackles ladder anxiety with a focus on fairer skill assessments, reduced rank disparity in matchups, and more balanced LP gains and losses. Climb with confidence this season!

Champion Mastery Update: The system that celebrates your mastery gets a refresh in the first half of the year. Brace for a more rewarding and transparent experience!

Vanguard Arrives: Bots and smurfs beware! Vanguard joins the battle against scripting and disruptive behavior, allowing for live match terminations and LP refunds for affected players. Play fair, climb fair!

Arena Returns: The 8v8 brawl is back! More teams, new Augments, fresh maps, and UI improvements promise a revitalized Arena experience. Dust off your teamwork skills and get ready to rumble!

New Mode on the Horizon: A brand new game mode emerges later this year, offering a relaxed and unique twist on the core League experience. Gather your friends for a refreshing change of pace!

LoL Esports Heats Up: The stakes surrounding MSI and Worlds grow even higher in 2024. MSI champions earn themselves and their region an additional Worlds slot, while region two in MSI standings get a bonus slot too. The competition just got fiercer!

Hall of Legends Opens: Legendary players and figures who shaped League’s history deserve recognition. Introducing the LoL Esports Hall of Legends, where the community honors those who left their mark on the game, the sport, and the community. Stay tuned for details on the inaugural inductees!

Season 2024 explodes with a bang, promising an unforgettable year for League players and esports enthusiasts alike. From Arcane’s enchanting influence to champion transformations and innovative gameplay, the Rift is poised for an epic year. So sharpen your blades, summoners, and prepare to conquer the season!

Teaser of Arcane 2 has just been dropped.

Season 2024 Merch

On January 11, 2024, players can purchase new merch in celebration of the new season at the Riot Games Merch store:

  • Jimei Palace Aatrox 1/6 Scale Statue
  • Samira Unlocked Statue

For more information on League of Legends and LoL Esports, visit leagueoflegends.com and lolesports.com.

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